AMIRA (Premium Version) features the same sensor and exceptional image quality as the ARRI ALEXA, recording superior HD 1080 or 2K pictures that are suitable for any distribution format.  UHD 4K is also now available along with installation of the Arri Look Library.

With a dynamic range of more than 14 stops, low noise levels, subtle highlight handling, natural colour rendering, breathtaking skin tones and speeds of up to 200 fps (60fps at 4K UHD), AMIRA will deliver beautiful, life-like images in any situation, perfect for documentary and film drama.

My camera of choice at the moment is the Arri Amira.  I love the Arri range of cameras.  They capture the true colour of a skin tone so beautifully and are so intuitive to operate.  I can’t find another camera brand quite like them.

Collecting the right gadget for the right job has always been a bit of a geeky pleasure of mine.  I carry enough kit onboard the van that I’m able to fully facilitate most specialist factual productions and modest drama documentaries independently from the rental house and I take pride in offering the most attractive kit hire rates possible.

Camera List

1 x Arri Amira Body (premium version) ProRes4444 2K & 4K UHD Options + Arri Look Library

1 x Canon CN7 17mm - 120mm PL Zoom

1 x Arri Alura 2x Lens Extender

1 x Lens Baby Composer Pro PL Mount - Sweet 35mm & Edge 80mm

1 x Arri WCU-4 + EMC-1 Wireless Follow Focus Kit for CN7

1 x PL Prime Lens Kit + Wireless Follow Focus Motors (Hired in at Extra Cost)

1 x IDX Battery & Mains Kit

5 x 120Gb CFast 2.0 Cards + Single Card Reader

1 x Arri MB20 5.65” x 5.65” Twin Rotating Tray Matte Box

1 x Collection of 5.65” x 5.65” Glass Filters - Polar, ND Set, ND Grad Set etc.

1 x Arri HD Follow Focus Unit

1 x Ronford Moose Bars Set

1 x DP7 High Bright 7” Top Mount Monitor

1 x SmallHD 17” HDR Production Monitor

1 x TV Logic LCD MultiFormat 7” Directors Monitor

1 x TeraDek HD Wireless Monitoring Solution

1 x Inovativ Scout 37 Camera Equipment Cart 

Lighting List

2 x 650w Arri Fresnels

3 x 300/500w Arri Fresnels

1 x KinoFlo 4 Bank DivaLite

1 x 5’ Dedo Octodome HMI/Tungsten Kit

1 x 1000w/500w Pancake Lantern

3 x 150w/24v Dedo Lights (inline dimmers)

1 x Dedo Projection Attachment (inc. Gobos)

1 x Chimera for 650w

2 x 2.5m x 2m Black Drape & Support

7 x Arri Lightweight Stands

1 x Lastolite reflector (White / Sunlight)

3 x Manfrotto 2.4m Pole Cats

1 x Haze Machine - On Request

1 x 6’ x 9’ Green/Black/White Lasto Background

Misc. Grip & Distribution Equipment

Grip List

1 x Sachtler 25P Head

1 x Sachtler CF HD Legs

1 x Cine 2000 Baby Legs

1 x Large Cine Saddle

1 x EasyRig Vario Gimbal 3

1 x Prosup Tango Slider 

Camera / Crew Van

VW T6 Kombi CameraCrew Van.  

Seats Five.

Sliding Doors on Both Sides.

Safety Cage for Kit

Front Seats Swivel Round to Face Backwards for Meeting Area.

Adjustable Laptop Table

2 x 12v Laptop Charge Points for Transferring Footage on Location.

2 x 12v Charge Points in Rear Load Area.

1st 50 miles free + 45p/mile

Production Office - Subject to Availability

Roller Team Production Office 

Seats six at a desk.

Running water

Fridge & Freezer

240v When Connected to Generator

Perfect for keeping the Ginger Beer icy cool.

Priced on a daily rate + mileage and driver - POA

Terms & Conditions of Engagement

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